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KitchenAid Pro Line Series Waffle Baker reviews

KitchenAid Pro Line Series Waffle Baker reviews
Electric waffle maker Kitchen Aid Pro Line Series can become a realized dream of a good housewife. Crispy golden waffles cooked in this handy device can satisfy even the most demanding guests and family members.

The device is specially designed for baking pastries from different types of waffle batter. It prepares perfectly soft waffles such as Belgian or Viennese, as well as leaves place for culinary flight of fancy. For instance, if you add a new filling into the batter each time in the end you can obtain delicious original dainties.

Two circular working surfaces of 19 cm diameter allow preparing of 4 waffle segments for once. For the contents do not leak out at the beginning of the baking process the perimeter of the device is equipped with a groove. Special coating on the inside of the valves does not let the products burn and can easily be cleaned. 

After you have poured the batter work surfaces of the device are closed tightly, and the block itself is rotated during all the cooking process, maintaining stationary temperature inside. It contributes to better distribution of the batter and its uniform cooking firing and allows you to get pastries of excellent quality: dense, smooth, with a nice golden brown.

KitchenAid Pro Line Series Waffle Baker reviews KitchenAid Pro Line Series Waffle Baker reviews

It is not difficult to use the device, as manufacturers have taken care of its supreme handling and safety. Thus, baking process is automated and controlled by an embedded processor. It maintains stationary temperature inside the working surfaces. Degree of waffles roast is regulated with a digital timer, so pastries are always well baked.

KitchenAid Pro Line Series Waffle Baker reviews
A thermometer is integrated into the lid of KitchenAid. It lets you know if the device is ready for operation and shows whether it has cooled down, is heating up at the moment or has already reached the desired temperature. However, handles of phenolic plastics and upper valves made of steel almost do not heat. This prevents you from being burnt during the cooking process.

A housewife will remember about baking and will be reminded to load a new batch. Manufacturers took care of it. Therefore, the device is equipped with a special sound signal. In case of inactivity over 5 minutes an automatic shutdown stops the device unless other parameters are set.

Such a wonderful waffle maker has just one drawback – its price. But the most expensive goods are known to be more functional and are easy to use.

Since video information is always perceived better, we recommend you to watch a short video: how to make Belgian waffles using the Kitchen Aid Pro Line Series Waffle Baker.



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