How to make Belgian waffles

From this video you'll learn how to make delicious thick waffles for breakfast. These waffles are also called Viennese or Belgian waffles.

So, watch the video carefully and everything will become clear.

The KitchenAid Pro Line Series Waffle Maker is used in this video. You can use any other waffle maker for thick waffles.


flour – 2 cups;

baking powder – 1/2 teaspoon;

salt – 1/4 teaspoon;

milk – 1,5 cups;

melted (softened) butter – 8 tablespoons;

chicken eggs – 4 pieces.


Batter for thick waffles

Take eggs and separate the yolks from the whites.

Add baking powder, salt, egg yolks, melted butter and milk to the flour. Knead the batter.

Beat up egg whites with a mixer until stable peaks.

Add one-third of beaten egg whites to the batter and mix them. Then add the remaining beaten egg whites and finally knead the batter to a homogeneous condition.

Then prepare thick waffles according to the instruction for your electric waffle maker.

In the video the author did not use butter. He explained it this way: “If you are worried about consuming too much butter, you can reduce its amount or not use it at all. In this case you donate a small amount of flavor. You should understand that your waffle maker has nonstick coating, so waffles from batter without butter can be prepared and will not stick”.


Secrets of cooking Belgian waffles

Ingredients of the waffle batter may differ from each other in different recipes. Only one thing remains unchanged – to prepare this delicacy you need a special device called a “waffle maker”. However, now you can buy a silicone mold with cells that allows baking waffles in a conventional oven.

Eggs for waffle batter should be of room temperature, but if the recipe requires separate whipping of whites, they must be cooled, and the yolks should be held in the heat for some time. The butter is also used softened or melted and slightly cooled down.

You can make experiments with waffle batter adding ground nuts, chocolate or dried fruit chips, herbs, grated cheese, garlic, sesame and even small slices of bacon or sausage to it.

If you have decided to make sweet Belgian waffles, it is better to use powdered sugar instead of sugar sand, so that the batter does not stick to the waffle maker. Besides, it is undesirable to make very sweet waffles - a lot of sand will make them very dark and looking unappetizing.

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