Best Belgian waffle maker

Best Belgian waffle maker
Among the many household appliances special place is occupied by electric waffle makers – devices for baking waffles. If compared with the old, more bulky, heavy and unhandy ones, modern waffle makers are simple and easy to use.

Today electric waffle makers, due to their versatility and speed of preparation, are very popular among consumers. The demand for them is though not very high but always stable. Modern range of electric waffle makers is wide enough that gives everyone the opportunity to purchase a device in the light of their individual preferences and financial resources.

In order to choose the best Belgian waffle maker, you should have information about existing models and their basic characteristics.

First of all, all electric waffle makers can be divided into two classes that are determined by the thickness of prepared waffles:

• American style (classic, traditional) – a bit thick waffles of square shape;

• Belgian style - round, high, fluffy and crispy waffles.

Note that waffle shape does not matter; waffles are only classified by their thickness.

Almost any hardware store offers exactly these 2 waffle makers. However, if you get the device, you are recommended to pay attention to the following characteristics: size of the waffle maker, thickness of waffles, non-stick coating quality, material, settings, rotator, additional features, and a recipe book.

Before we consider each characteristic separately, we offer you the top 10 best Belgian waffle makers for your home.

Size of the waffle maker

If the kitchen is small, the best variant is to buy a small compact electric waffle maker with a special compartment for storing electrical cord.

If the kitchen is large and you plan to make waffles often and in quantities, you can safely buy a large waffle maker.

Non-stick coating quality

The best modern waffle makers without any exception have protective non-stick coating. At the same time, the coating is not always of high quality. It is necessary to choose a model with a uniform coating, without any bubbles, bald spots, etc. Only such a waffle maker will last for a long time, and prepared waffles will not burn, also they can easily be separated from the mold. Besides, the quality of non-stick coating guarantees uniform toasting of waffles on both sides.


You should choose between plastic and metal waffle makers. Despite the common misconception, weight and power of such waffle makers are virtually identical. The only difference is in design and dimensions. All the more waffle makers with metal housing are more durable, reliable and resistant to various external influences. Metal waffle maker price may be slightly higher than the price of plastic one. However, this difference is fully justified.

Size of the waffles

Various waffle makers are intended to bake waffles of different sizes, shapes and thicknesses. If the waffle maker is suitable for baking thick waffles, then you will not be able to prepare thin ones, and vice versa. Therefore, even before you buy a waffle maker you need to decide what waffles you wish to prepare.

Housewives who often prepare waffles even have to buy two waffle makers. Or they can cooperate with their best friend to exchange devices or to treat each other with their waffles.


You better choose a waffle maker, equipped with a thermostat and other devices that allow you to change the waffles color and texture during the cooking process.

If you have decided to purchase an electric waffle maker, make sure you take the device with a thermostat. Thermostat is responsible for the stationary temperature inside the appliance. You won`t have to maintain the temperature yourself; alternately turning on and off the electric waffle maker watching if the product is burnt or still not ready. This is an important and necessary function.

Regulator of temperature will also present an advantage that measures the temperature of the device itself (180-250 ° C).

Heating indicator will accurately identify when the waffle maker is ready for use.

Built-in timer will count down the work time of the waffle maker.

In addition, some electric waffle makers are equipped with a control lamp, which indicates that the waffles are ready. Waffle makers of high quality shut off automatically when the lamp has set the appropriate signal.

Thus, it is better to buy a waffle maker with a full set of options that will simplify the process of making waffles.


Not many waffle makers can boast of such an option. However, this function is a huge advantage. In fact, it looks like this. You pour the batter, close the lid and turn the body of the waffle maker quickly on 180 degrees around the axis. In this case, the batter evenly spreads inside the waffle maker. Accordingly, waffles are of the same thickness over the entire area. For example, KitchenAid Pro Line Series Waffle Maker has this function.

Additional features

In modern hardware stores you can find waffle makers that apart from baking waffles also prepare sandwiches, burgers, toasts or grill. The versatility of such waffle makers made them very popular among a wide range of buyers.

Recipe book

Some electric waffle makers are accompanied by a recipe book – a small collection of dishes that you can prepare with the help of this particular device. This application is very convenient, because you'll know exactly waffles of what shape and thickness you can cook and how much batter you need to pour to get some particular waffles. If you purchased a multifunction waffle maker, the recipe book will help you determine what additional meals you can prepare and what you should use for this.

To summarize, we should briefly mention the main characteristics which will help you to choose electric waffle maker for Belgian waffles:

1. Thickness of the baked waffles. What waffles do you prefer – thin or thick?

2. Non-stick coating must ensure you that prepared waffles will not stick and can be easily removed.

3. Thermostat for the waffle maker to maintain stationary temperature itself.

4. Size and weight – the greater waffle maker looks, the better it is.

5. Rotator will contribute to the uniform formation of waffles, but the price on such waffle makers can be high enough.

Naturally, electric waffle maker is not a household appliance of daily necessities, such as a refrigerator or a stove is. However, it will greatly simplify your life, will vary your range of sweet pastries and will allow you to cook delicious crispy waffles quickly.


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