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Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker reviews

Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker reviews
The Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker easy to get up and running - simply wipe, dry and apply a little vegetable oil before you use it the first time. That should also be done occasionally as needed, to keep it truly nonstick and easy to remove the waffle. You have to preheat the waffle maker for about 3 - 5 minutes then the light will go out when ready to use. There's a countdown timer which is really handy and saves a lot of peaking, which leads to heat loss.

You need about 3/4 to 1 cup of of batter to make a waffle and these are large, deep-pocket style waffles. Mine were approximately 1.25" thick, nicely browned (first try) with a light crunch on the outside and soft inside. There were a couple of untidy sections and I had to reduce the batter slightly but after that, it was on to customizing taste. As for lifting it out, that was a breeze. Overall, these were very impressive, so this waffle maker is definitely newbie-friendly.

The first recipe tested was the Classic Waffles which called for 1-cup batter. I did have to reduce that amount somewhat and I also added cinnamon and vanilla. This made the batter slightly softer which worked just as well. It called for three minutes on the timer and it was done at that time. Results were great - a very tasty waffle that could be eaten hot or cold. And no batter spillage. Then it was on to custom flavors such as adding a drop of maple or almond flavoring. Cinnamon or nutmeg to plain waffle batter really jazzes them up.

I froze several waffles and they thaw fairly quickly when you want them. I love the size of these waffles, but they're a little too thick to warm them in my wide-slot toaster. A toaster oven would work well though, or returning them to the waffle maker for a minute or two.

The flip design works this way: Add batter to preheated waffle maker, close and flip to the other side. Remember to set the timer. There's no flipping back - it bakes on that side and the action spreads the batter more evenly to both sides. I'm impressed with how well that works, much better than simply pressing the batter into place as some models do.

For those who think these waffles would be too large for serving a young family, they come out with clearly divided and easy-to-pull-apart sections that makes sharing an easy thing. As with any waffle maker, you may have to experiment with recipes, ingredients and batter quantity to make your favorite waffles. That said, I was pretty satisfied with my first and second try so fine tuning with this waffle maker won't take long.

For storage, the waffle maker has a red tab that can be raised to secure it into an upright position. That gives it a much smaller footprint (10" x 5") which is easier to fit inside a cabinet or if you want to minimize counter space. However, I found that the red tab doesn't always hold well - if the unit is nudged a bit, it can easily drop it into an open position.

Overall Impression

I think performance is what I appreciated most about this waffle maker - that the first one could come out so delightfully thick and nicely done. The FlipSide™ feature is definitely a must-have - it renders a more evenly baked and browned waffle. You do need to experiment with batter amount which should not exceed one cup. I found that slightly less than a cup was best and the odd adjustment depending on the consistency (thickness) of the batter, such as when flavoring is added. A runnier batter spreads out more quickly too.

For those thinking it might be inconvenient making only one waffle at a time, since it only takes about three minutes, it doesn't take long to repeat the process for family serving. These are huge waffles so one is ample on a plate. And the deep pockets make it easy to get creative with the toppings. Compared to a smaller square waffle, this deep pocket round waffle looks stunning on a plate and there's more to satisfy. I do intend to experiment more with this unit with custom recipes especially for dietary restrictions and allergies, so watch for updates.

The locking (upright) mechanism could be improved but some may see this as a very minor thing, since it doesn't affect baking performance. Overall, this waffle maker works very well, is user friendly and offers very good value for the price. It's an ideal gift for any waffle lover on your list.


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